Upcoming Workshops at Beetroot Sauvage
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Please note that most of these workshops are not organised by Beetroot Sauvage

if you have any queries, please contact the individuals running the workshop you are interested in


Yoga Teacher Training

// Saturday 6 July // 09.00-18.00

// Sunday 7 July // 09.00-18.00

Helen & Demelza (MUDRA Yoga)

This Yoga Teacher Training is fully booked.

Women’s Cacao Ceremony: Opening in Love

// Saturday 13 July // 17.30-21.00

Jenny Rose Yoga

You will be held in a sacred women's circle: a space for you to connect more deeply to yourself, to drop the demands of your day and month, and tune into to the subtle, so-important sense in the body. To connect with other women in open-hearted presence. And to connect with the beautiful planet ally, Grandmama IxCacao.

There will be sharing circle, intention setting, meditation, movement, somatic release, free movement, deep rest, and a chance to take off masks, shed layers of who we are not, so we can get closer to the heart of who we are, and find that at the core, it is Love.

Exchange: £35


White Lotus Warrior Workshop

//Sunday 14 July // 14.30-16.30

Britta Von Tagen (Nia guest teacher from Boise, Idaho)

Details: Using movement and meditation we will explore how the mind can guide energy (chi) throughout the body using locations of pressure points to stimulate awareneness and increase life force energy.

Through unique postures and movement to music, we will enhance our focus and concentration as well as provide fitness and conditioning

Exchange: £25

Beetroot Wellness & Edinburgh Community Yoga Wellness Area at Doune The Rabbit Hole Festival

// Friday 19 July // 10.00-20.00

//Saturday 20 July // 10.00-21.30

//Sunday 21 July // 10.00-20.00

Edinburgh Community Yoga & Beetroot Wellness

Come and see us at the Wellness Area of Doune the Rabbit Hole, a super friendly family music festival in Stirlingshire. We will be offering lots of yoga classes for everybody, massages and therapies, herbal teas and a Herbal First Aid area.

Reserve your spot at the tent or see the event on this page for an awesome Sacred Cacao Ceremony with Marianna on Saturday night. Feel relaxed and joyful during your festival.

Exchange: Free with your DtRH festival ticket

Sound Bath

//Friday 19 July // 19.45-20.45

Jo from Sound as a Bell Fife & North Edinburgh

Wash away stress with this sound meditation class. Experience deep relaxation and reap all the benefits of meditation and sound therapy.

10 years old and up are welcome to attend (under 18s must be accompanied by an adult)

PLEASE NOTE: Not suitable during pregnancy or for people with pacemakers.

Journey to the Light - Sacred Cacao Ceremony at Doune The Rabbit Hole Festival

//Saturday 20 July // 18.00-21.00

Marianna Arcoiris Yoga

A unique combination of ceremonial cacao with breathwork, yogic practices, ecstatic dance, meditation and shamanic sound journeying. Active meditation through dance will lead us towards letting go and moving into stillness. Shamanic sound journeying and sound healing will gently guide us further inwards where our intentions can begin to take form in the unconscious mind. The rest is a mysterious surprise.

Exchange: free with your DtRH Festival ticket

Mama Circle

//Tuesday 23 July // 14.00-16.00

Sarah (Child’s Pose Yoga)

A workshop for new Mamas to connect with others and create their own vision of motherhood.
In the workshop, you will learn about ways to celebrate your identity as a new mother (even if this is not your first child - you are still a new mama to your smallest baby!) - and will take part in a rite-of-passage, celebrating this transition.

You will be guided through some restorative breath work to help you heal postpartum, a little light yoga and some baby nurturing techniques that may assist you in the coming days, weeks and months. The workshop will culminate in a special Mama's Circle - a special woman's circle, where you can share your truth about motherhood, whilst feeling supported by those around you.

Ticket price includes light refreshments - herbal teas and tasty nibbles provided by the excellent Beetroot Sauvage cafe.

The Fundamentals of Yoga Outreach

// Saturday 27 July // 10.00-17.00

// Sunday 28 July // 10.00-17.00

Laura Wilson & Lorraine Close (Edinburgh Community Yoga)

During the weekend, we will delve into the neuroscience and physiology of the stress response. You will learn how yoga works to establish a healthy nervous system and brain. We will link this to yoga philosophy and the wider traditional teachings of yoga. We will share practice, learn from each other and have plenty of time for group discussion.

Alongside this, we will discuss some of the practicalities, ethics and challenges of working in the community. We will demonstrate practical tools to enable you to begin to build the skills necessary to offer safe, authentic yoga classes, giving consideration to teaching cues and some of the needs of the clients we work with.

Afro-Oriental Dance

//Saturday 27 July // 17.30-19.30

Facilitator: Susi Arjona

Details: Connect with your free and wild being with two dances: the Zar trance from Egypt is used as a liberating ritual, or to give emphasis to a moment of dance or choreography; it is characterized by movements that release the trunk, extremities and circular movements of torso and head, with increasing speed and intensity.

We will then delve into African dance techniques, impulses and energy, all accompanied by live percussion



Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs

//Saturday 3 August // 11.00-17.00

//Sunday 4 August // 11.00-17.00

Facilitator: Allison Trewhela

Details: This course gives qualified and experienced yoga teachers from differing schools and methods of yoga an education on yoga for back-care and teaches attendees how to effectively and safely deliver the evidence-based 12-week Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Programme used successfully in The University of York / Arthritis Research UK randomized controlled trial.

Strength & Release - Handstands and Bodywork

//Saturday 10 August // 10.00-13.00

Facilitators: Still Flow Yoga & Jane Mann

Details: Handstand practice develops focus, determination and physical and mental strength to overcome what seems impossible. It is a journey of patience and trust in the process of learning. Beginning with breath work to centre ourselves and wrist and hand care to keep our balancing tools healthy and happy, moving through a yoga sequence preparing the core, shoulders and hips for handstands, we will groups, pairs and individually using drills to feel confident and strong in our handstand practice. Yoga bodywork will be used to increase breath and release tension to improve our handstand practice.
Suitable if you’re completely new to handstands or have been playing around with handstands for some time.

Introduction to Nia Dance Workshop

//Saturday 10 August // 14.00-16.00

Facilitators: Sarah & Bronwyn from Freerwithnia

Details: Nia is a glorious barefoot dance class - it's a fusion of dance, healing and martial arts. The focus is on the JOY of movement. It is suitable for all fitness levels and there is no upper age limit (18+).

Come and join us for this 2 hour session to learn more about Nia, to learn some moves and to dance dance dance - some relaxation at the end will leave you feeling calm yet energised!

Exchange: £17 per person

Limited places, booking essential.

Gypsy Oriental Dance

//Saturday 10 August // 17.30-19.30

Facilitator: Susi Arjona

Details: Travel through different styles of gypsy dances from Rajasthan, Egypt and the Balkans. Discover the infinite movements of your body drawing figures of eights as well as the undulating and percussive and the fluidity of the movement in Oriental dance.

Bodywork Workshop

//Sunday 11 August // 10.00-14.00

Facilitator: Jane Mann

Details: tba

Sound Bath

//Friday 16 August // 19.45-20.45

Jo from Sound as a Bell Fife & North Edinburgh

Wash away stress with this sound meditation class. Experience deep relaxation and reap all the benefits of meditation and sound therapy.
10 years old and up are welcome to attend (under 18s must be accompanied by an adult)

PLEASE NOTE: Not suitable during pregnancy or for people with pacemakers.

Livewell Yoga Event

//Saturday 24 August // 10.00-12.00

Facilitator: Nathalie (Livewell)

Details: Join us for yoga, meditation and gut health workshop!
Our yoga class from 10:30-11:30am is suitable for all levels of ability, even complete beginners.

Come along and move, breathe, relax and enjoy some time with friends afterwards with herbal tea and fresh smoothies.

Spiritual Healing with the Elementals

//Sunday 25 August // 10.00-12.00

Facilitator: Zoe (Dragonfly Holistic Therapies)

This is the first opportunity to experience the new healing modality of Elemental Healing™ - a beautiful energy which connects us deeply with the consciousness of mother earth and promotes health, healing and empowerment.
We will be drawing on energy from each of the elements through a series of breathing techniques and meditation, along with the opportunity to share with other empowered women and set intentions.

It will be a deep cleansing session leaving you feeling refreshed and energised, with practical techniques to use in your day to day life to keep your health in top condition.

Day Retreat - New Beginnings

//Sunday 1 September // 10.00-16.00

Facilitator: Esme (Yoga with Esme)

Details: Esme’s sessions have always been designed to teach you the best ways to integrate yoga into your everyday life. To help  you navigate your way through the hard times and overcome stress, to deal with health concerns and give yourself a boost, to connect with your true self and be your best you.But her day-long retreats are more than that!

They’re a special invitation to experience Vinyasa and Yin Yoga alongside other practices such as meditation, Pranayama, powerful visualisation techniques, and Myofascial release to help relieve your body of tension. It’s everything you’ll get in a retreat, condensed into one relaxed, fun filled, stress free day!

Exchange: £65 (£59 early bird)

Understanding Yin and Yang

//Sunday 8 September // 09.30-16.00

Facilitator: Rachael (Soen Ren School of Martial Arts)

Details: Another day's intensive training in Wudang Daoist Martial Arts. The afternoon focus this time will be on the understanding through practice of the two founding energies of the universe and the ancient daoist philosophy of ying and yang. This workshop is intended to reach and work with a deep level of consciousness and newcomers from any other martial or meditative practice welcome.