Shaitsu with GABI


This oriental form of bodywork directs and focusses  energy and attention to particular areas of the body.

Tailored to meet the needs of the recipient, the treatment takes place fully clothed and utilises acupressure, massage and stretching to bring about balance and awareness to one's mind, body, emotions, and energy levels.


Since graduating with Shiatsu School Edinburgh in 2006, Gabi has gone on to become one of their teachers.In particular, Gabi enjoys listening to and working with the body to bring about structural changes, pain relief and deep relaxation.  Having effectively worked with individuals suffering from injuries, anxiety, insomnia and more general health concerns, it is her belief that in order for a change to occur, a space must be created to facilitate it.                     
A particular focus of the past few years has been supporting women through pregnancy, the postnatal period and menopause.


£45 - 60 min
£38 - 60 min concession
£60 - 90 min

pregnancy shiatsu
£40 - 60 min

post-natal shiatsu
£38 - 60 min

mother & baby
£50 - 60 min


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