Caroline Toshack



Caroline entered her first yoga class 10 years ago, somewhat reluctantly. She was sure she wasn’t into yoga, but agreed to give it a go. As she was guided to notice her breath and her body, she felt a profound change within herself and left feeling calmer than she had in a long time. Yoga turned out to exactly what she was needing: a safe place to sit with herself, and her feelings. Over time it helped her to finally and fully recover from many years of eating disorder behaviours. She believes that yoga can teach us so much about ourself and how we relate to the world around us, enriching our experiences and relationships as a result. “It’s all there in the practice if we tune in. It’s my job as teacher to hold a safe space and facilitate that connection through postures, energy and breath”

Caroline loves to teach to teach hatha, yin and gentle flow yoga. She also works with individuals to help them find their way through chronic pain and emotional stress and specialises in supporting those who are experiencing disordered eating. 

Caroline teaches Hatha Yoga classes on Fridays from 07:30 - 08:30 with Beetroot Sauvage Wellness Centre.

Angie Lake



My practice deepened as I recovered, slowly but surely, from alcoholism. The asana practice, regular meditation and the study of Patanjali’s Sutras have given me a gift for which I am eternally grateful. My classes are suitable for anyone who wishes to begin yoga or deepen an existing practice. I like to think that my classes are infused with warmth and humour and they are always based on my favourite word, kindness. My style is Vinyasa flow but I incorporate breath work, meditation and relaxation. With two teenagers, a fun loving husband, a mad dog and a wise old cat at home, life is certainly never dull!

Angie teaches Teenager Yoga on Thursdays from 16:45 - 17:45 with Edinburgh Community Yoga at Beetroot Sauvage Wellness Centre. 

Eva Alberiche



Eva started her journey with Yoga in 2008, attending weekly classes to unwind from the corporate lifestyle in her hometown of Barcelona.

In 2011 in Edinburgh, she started a two year, 500 hours Viniyoga teacher training following the teachings of of Krishnamacharya and his son Desikachar. Viniyoga methodology provides multi-layered, developmental practices for the healthiest and most athletic student, as well as gentle therapeutic practices for students with health issues making it uniquely suited to meeting the needs of any individual or group.

Since then has not stopped studying in order to improve her teaching skills and knowledge, branching out to explore many inspiring traditions. Her classes are the result of her eclectic and varied experience.

Eva teaches Chair Yoga on Wednesday from 14:00 - 15:00 with Edinburgh Community Yoga at Beetroot Sauvage Wellness Centre. 

Jane Mann



Jane is a Forrest Yoga teacher and Bodyworker based here in Edinburgh. Jane’s yoga classes are authentic and fun! Forrest Yoga gets specific when working with injuries, and develops deep breath and connection to feeling. 


Jane teaches Forrest Yoga Beginners on Thursdays from 10:00 - 11:00 with Beetroot Sauvage Wellness Centre.

John Arthur



John is a yoga lover and life coach who has been a community worker for 30 years. He is 22 years in recovery and first came across yoga through an Edinburgh Community Yoga Outreach class. He recently travelled around the world and spent much of it learning and practicing yoga with yoga communities and teachers in many different countries. His passion is in making yoga more accessible and relevant to working class men in Scotland and he has recently set up the social enterprise Yogrow to combine his love of life coaching and yoga. He is also a passionate golfer and singer but thankfully his lack of skill at both, has very little impact on his enjoyment of these pastimes.


John teaches Community Yoga on Fridays from 18:00 - 19:00 with Edinburgh Community Yoga at the Beetroot Sauvage Wellness Centre.

Laura Wilson



Laura is the founding director of Edinburgh Community Yoga and is a Minded Yoga Therapist (2016, 500 hrs.) and experienced yoga teacher (2012, 200hrs). She also has a Bachelor of Arts Honors Degree from London Contemporary Dance School. Laura works therapeutically both in groups and one to one with a particular interest in trauma informed yoga within forensic mental health settings. Laura also presents and lectures on the importance of body/mind practices for stress management and trains yoga teachers interested in working in outreach settings. Alongside her outreach work Laura also loves to teach Vinyasa flow and is also a qualified yoga for pregnancy and kids and family teacher. “For me yoga in all its forms is about building a deeper and more compassionate relationship with yourself. I love the way the combination of mindful movement, breath and meditation can take us into a place of healing and I never tire of exploring the possibilities that offers us."


Laura teaches Vinyasa Yoga on Tuesdays from 17:45 - 19:00 with Edinburgh Community Yoga at the Beetroot Sauvage Wellness Centre. 

Penny Horner



Penny Horner specialises in yoga for women. In addition to her ashtanga based general teacher training, she has specialist training in pregnancy yoga (from Yogamama in London) and has also trained with Uma Dinsmore Tuli in ‘womb yoga’. She herself found yoga to be very beneficial in her own pregnancies and in giving birth to her daughters. She has been teaching pregnancy yoga in Edinburgh for 3 years.

Penny teaches Pregnancy Yoga on Wednesdays from 18:15 - 19:15 with Beetroot Sauvage Wellness Centre and Toddler Yoga on Tuesdays from 15:00 - 16.00 for All Being Yoga.

Meghana Sharma



After spending years battling chronic stress and anxiety, Meghana turned to heartfulness in 2014 as a way of coping with the high-functioning depression that loomed large on the horizon. The simplicity and ease with which heartfulness allows one to connect with something larger than oneself shift the focus of addiction from toxic commodities such as food, alcohol, and drugs, to the rhythms and patterns of one’s heart.

Heartfulness follows from a tradition of seeking within ourselves a form of vastness, often envisioned as a source of light. The practice itself is simple yet non-conforming, and allows for a range and variety of esoteric experiences.
Otherwise a student, diver, and yoga teacher, Meg wishes to connect with those around her and is always up for a chat!  

Meg leads Heartfulness Meditation classes every Thursday from 08:30 - 09:30 and teaches Hatha Yoga Classes on Tuesdays from 07:30 - 08:30 with Beetroot Sauvage Wellness Centre.

Sabelle Baglee



Sabelle is an advocate of the fundamental truth that yoga is for every body. Her first introduction to a yoga class was at a turbulent time at a young age; she found the practice of Ashtanga to be an island in a sea of darkness. Sabelle has dipped in and out of the yoga spectrum throughout her life until a few years ago when she discovered Vinyasa Flow. She was able to build more of a practice and her curiosity led her to explore the philosophies of yoga beyond the mat. Not long after she was lovingly encouraged to embark on a 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Mudra Yoga with Helen Gillespie and Demelza Feltham. She is deeply humbled and inspired by her teachers and the community she is grateful to be a part of. Sabelle encourages a safe, mindful and compassionate practice.

Nina teaches Wake Up Yoga on Wednesdays from 7:00 - 8:00 with Beetroot Sauvage Wellness Centre.  

Sarah McCaffer



Sarah’s yoga journey began when she started dropping into a local yoga class as an escape from difficult times. Being so inflexible Sarah found the classes so physically challenging but immediately felt a mental clarity she had never experienced before. Sarah fell in love with how she felt during and after yoga; strong, confident, content and compassionate toward herself. Yoga became an essential part of Sarah’s life and feeling she wanted to delve deeper, and learn more about yoga, she enrolled in yoga teacher training at CYS Scotland. Sarah now holds a 200hr Teacher Training certificate and loves teaching Vinyasa Flow, Hatha yoga and Yoga for Sports. Sarah is passionate about movement, mindfulness and health, and how yoga can help affect real change in people’s lives. She believes everyone can enjoy, explore, and benefit from a yoga practice. Her classes are aimed at exploring yoga with ease and a smile, in a supportive and encouraging environment, finding flexibility in the mind and space in the body.


Sarah teaches Gentle Flow on Wednesdays from 12:30 - 13:30 with Edinburgh Community Yoga.

Karen Gallagher



Karen found her love for Yoga towards the end of 2016 when she volunteered in Thailand at 'The Mindfulness Project'. She had been living in Edinburgh, working as a Social Worker, and was more into fitness than yoga, which she deemed “too slow”. Her experience in Thailand showed her that Yoga and Meditation could help calm and balance her mind and body, process events in life and, most importantly make her more self aware. Yoga and Meditation also enabled her to connect with people on a deeper level, something she had often struggled to do.

In 2017, she travelled to India where she really began to deepen her yoga practice and completed her 200hr YTT Training. There she became interested in Reiki and Therapeutic Massage. Karen is passionate about sharing this 'tool box' to support physical and emotional well-being.

Karen teaches Yin Yang Yoga on Wednesdays from 17:00 - 18:00 with Beetroot Sauvage Wellness Centre.

Kat Scott



I came to yoga during university, originally giggling my way through a few wobbly classes at the gym, but eventually coming to realise how great I felt after each class. After years of daily self practice at home, I completed my Yoga Teacher Training in South India. My training was deeply grounded in the long lineage of Hatha Yoga in India, and provided me with invaluable teachings in this ancient practice. I have combined this interest in the traditional aspects of yoga with my desire to provide an accessible and relevant practice that suits the needs of the modern yoga practitioner.
I am passionate about the power of self practice, and wishes to instil within students the foundational structures they need to continue and grow their own practice. I believe that yoga has the power to bring strength and calm to our lives, both on and off the mat, and I aim to provide an inclusive and accessible space to explore our bodies and breath. My classes are upbeat, fun and designed to help you learn more about yourself and about the practice of yoga.


Kat teaches Beginners Yoga on Mondays from 18:15 - 19:15, Hatha Yoga on Mondays from 19:30 - 20:30, and Power Yoga on Thursdays from 18:00 - 19.00 with Edinburgh Community Yoga at Beetroot Sauvage Wellness Centre. 

Lorraine Close



With a background in nursing in a wide variety of settings including working in a maximum security prison in Glasgow and 2 years living in India, Lorraine has developed a strong awareness of the connection between emotional and physical health. In 2006 while travelling in South Asia Lorraine began practising yoga and meditation regularly. Since moving to Edinburgh in early 2012 Lorraine has developed a committed Ashtanga practice with consistent teachers. Lorraine has never forgotten that going to a yoga class can be an intimidating experience. With this in mind she takes a friendly approach to teaching, encouraging students to allow yoga to fit their bodies rather than make their bodies fit yoga postures. Her main focus is to give students the opportunity to experience the positive effects of connecting the mind and body through the practice of yoga.
Lorraine believes that the opportunity to try yoga should be accessible to everyone; this belief has fuelled her interest in yoga outreach; particularly in working with adults affected by stress and anxiety, addiction and complex PTSD. She holds a 200 hr Teacher Training certificate from CYS Scotland. She has completed training with the Minded Institute in Yoga and Mindfulness for Addictions and  a 40 hour CPD workshop on Trauma Informed Yoga practices with David Emerson from the Boston Trauma Centre. Lorraine currently teaches medical students clinical skills and resuscitation at the University of Edinburgh Medical School and teaches a variety of yoga classes and stress workshops for NHS staff, the recovery community and other mental health settings.


Lorraine teaches Women's Trauma Informed Yoga on Thursdays from 19:45 - 20:45 with Edinburgh Community Yoga at the Beetroot Sauvage Wellness Centre.

Marie-Anne Marten



Marie-Anne is the owner and founder of Beetroot Sauvage. She became interested in yoga 10 years ago during her first pregnancy, as a way to relax and connect with her body.

Having explored different styles and developed a personal daily practice, she undertook a kids yoga teacher certification with Toni Westaway with the aim to bring yoga to her own two sons and other primary school age children. Marie-Anne has been teaching kids yoga classes in Edinburgh since 2017.

“In yoga, it is important to feel like a child, experiencing postures as if they were new each time, feeling each moment as if it was the first time. I am passionate about helping children to keep relying on their innate sense of wonder and I love giving them tools to deal with the world they are growing up in.” - Marie-Anne

Marie-Anne teaches Children Yoga on Wednesdays from 15:45 - 16:30 with Beetroot Sauvage Wellness Centre.

Nina Romijn



After moving to Edinburgh in 2015, I started to deepen and increase my yoga practice as a way of engaging with the community and grounding in a new home. During my teacher training with MUDRA Yoga in 2017 I discovered my love for sharing this practice with others, and I always intend for my teaching to be empowering, inspiring and explorative, creating a fun and accepting environment. I love how yoga can give a vibrant embodied experience while still expressing intention and thought, and my practice and teaching is grounded in yoga philosophy.


Nina teaches Vinyasa Yoga on Mondays from 10:00 - 11:00 with Beetroot Sauvage Wellness Centre. 

Tara Klein



Tara was initially drawn to yoga as a 15 year old struggling to cope with the stress of school exams. For many years she relied on a Hatha yoga DVD, but inevitably her practice, with no teacher to guide her, quickly stagnated - becoming dull, repetitive, and intermittent. 

After attending a yoga and meditation retreat in 2012, however, the benefit of a good yoga teacher became clear. She began to attend weekly classes in different styles, which transformed her practice in terms of breath and alignment awareness, personal development, and enjoyment. Knowing the extent to which a good yoga teacher can contribute to one’s practice soon inspired her to complete a teacher training in both Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.

Her yang teaching style, influenced by the Vinyasa and Iyengar traditions, and senior teachers Sarah Powers and Donna Farhi, is creative, alignment-orientated and constantly evolving. She teaches a series of slow-paced Vinyasa threads, tailored to the needs of the group or individual, helping students advance their practice safely, and with awareness. Sequences are designed to safely bring students into poses: practicing intelligently rather than randomly. Tara believe it’s important to create a solid foundation for practice and to provide a deeper awareness of breath and alignment.

Tara teaches Move, Revive & Restore on Tuesdays 10:00 - 11:00, a monthly Yin Yoga & Yum class featuring Yin and Cake on Fridays 13:45 - 15:00 (starting 9th August), and a 4-Week Yoga Beginners Course on Wednesdays from 19:30 - 20:45 (starting 4th September) with Beetroot Sauvage Wellness Centre.

Tess Letham



Tess first encountered yoga during her contemporary dance training in 2006, where it became a vital tool in helping her to support her body and mind.

She offers a space where people can come to practice yoga with their own individuality and desires, but also with the sense of interconnection between everyone in the room, finding the joy in moving together. She encourages the possibility of travelling through class with an intention, and a focus on embodying movement within a flowing Vinyasa framework. Her classes are full of breath and playfulness, to empower and nurture, set within a relaxed and supportive environment. 

Tess teaches Morning Vinyasa Yoga on Wednesdays from 10:00 - 11:00 with Beetroot Sauvage Wellness Centre.

Francesco Benvenuti


Francesco is a passionate and dedicated Shiatsu Massage Practitioner, Movement Instructor, Singing voice facilitator, Ceremonial space holder and a Carrier of the Sacred Fire. Having spent many years across Central/South America, Asia & Australia, Francesco's training, work and teaching ethos is deeply inspired by traditional and tribal healing traditions, energy healing methods and ancient Shamanic Ceremonies and practices.  Bringing together the latest quantum physic understanding of energy, multi-dimensionality and matter, with the latest research into the benefit and power of Touch therapy, Body Movement and Sound Vibration, Francesco's offering is based on 3 main focus areas:

1)HEALING HANDS - With many years training in the Traditional Healing Arts of Shiatsu bodywork and Thai Massage, Francesco supports his clients healing their body and releasing traumas through a deeply compassionate and present healing touch. 

2) HEALING MUSIC - Music as a life passion and gift, Francesco is a multi-instrumentalist therapist working with the voice, harmonic vibrations & subtle energies. He offers Sound Healing sessions, community/group harmonic singing workshops as well as meditative Sound Journey Ceremonies. Inspired by the work of  artist like Deva Premal, Jai Uttal & Krishna Das, Francesco holds Kirtans (i.e. Group mantra & sacred songs chanting events) together with his partner Katie, as part of "The Inner Cheile" ceremonial musical duo.  He composes his own Medicine music which he loves sharing in a wide variety of ceremonial settings. 

3)HEALING MOVEMENT-  Lover of dance as medicine, and as a qualified Shibashi Qi Gong Instructor at the Sao Bao Martial Art School in Glasgow Francesco teaches Qi-Gong and Free-Movement Therapy/Dance classes to promote health and energy flow in the body. 

All of Francesco's work aim to enable his client to stand in their full authenticity and to celebrate their divinity, and innate healing power as humans. He does so by sharing his gifts, and supporting people “getting out of the way” of their innate potential, allowing their essence to express its full beauty and awaken its innate healing instinct.

Francesco teaches Qi-Gong & Flow Movement on Tuesdays from 19:30 - 21:00 with Beetroot Sauvage Wellness Centre.