The Eye of the Storm - A Day Workshop with Alexis Beddoe

The Eye of the Storm - A Day Workshop with Alexis Beddoe


Depending on position within a cyclone, hurricane, typhoon or whirlwind the strength of the storm varies. But at the centre, every such storm has an eye of stillness.

Life, with its curious 'self'-consciousness, is such. It is a storm of various strengths over the course of time, but with an eye of stillness at the centre that knows no time. This workshop will offer a continued cultivation of the practice of yoga, nurturing our ability to find and to recognise that ever-present eye. With this may come also a finding and a recognition of the essential foundation of any solution to the world's storms.

Offering nothing special but treating everything as special, there will be asanas, breathing and meditation; but the workshop will also offer some speaking space, and peep philosophically into some ideas about a link between the physics and the metaphysics of things. In so doing, such ideas may, in a seed-sowing sort of way, offer some playful connections between cosmos and consciousness. It's all for play.

Whether you are experienced in the traditional elements of the practice of yoga, or whether you are quite new to these, the key to yoga is not physical accomplishment, rather an inward turning mind of enquiry. This very much applies to the workshop.

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The day will run from 10.00-16.00

  • Welcome & First session: 10-11.30

  • Break: 11.30-12.00

  • Second session: 12.00-13.00

  • Lunch: 13.00-14.00

  • Third session: 14.00-15.00

  • Break: 15.00-15.15

  • Fourth session & End: 15.15-16.00

The price of the workshop includes lunch (soup, salad & dips) and herbal teas at Beetroot Sauvage. Additional hot drinks and cakes may be purchased separately.