An Evening of Mantra Music - 27 September 19:30-21:30

An Evening of Mantra Music - 27 September 19:30-21:30

from 5.00

Repeat after me: Mantra Mantra Mantra!

An evening of mantra music, interactive singing and listening to the collective sound of mantra chanting. Led by experienced community group leaders Daniel Gronan from the Mantra Movement Project and Jane Bentley, join us to experience the yoga of sound.

Expect call-and-response, sanskrit chants and a lots of collective happiness and togetherness this evening.

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Kirtan is suitable for everyone, whether you can sing or whether you think you cannot. Everyone is in this together and noboday is pressured. You can just come to enjoy listening to the singing, but Dan and Jane will encourage everyone to engage in call-and-response.

Never done this before? Great! Come and be surprised, bring a few friends, this is the ultimate alternative to a classic Friday night down the pub.

We will have some Turmeric and Chai Lattes available.

SPECIAL OFFER Book for An Evening of Mantra Music and for the screening of Mantra - The Movie and get a FREE Turmeric or Chai Latte on both nights!