TUESDAYS 19:30 - 21:00

Starts 10 September

Combining Qi-Gong principles with individual explorations of free-body movement & dance, this class offers an opportunity to cultivate the life force energy within our body, release stress & tension as well as harmonize the body, mind and spirit.

By integrating physical postures, slow movements, breathing techniques and focused intention, Qi Gong/Tai Chi is a system of self-healing that has been used in China for thousands of years to achieve health and longevity. It literally means "working with the Qi energy", the all-pervading vital life force that keeps us alive. As Qi circulates in our bodies in energetic pathways called meridians, it nourishes our body and internal organs, and promotes our emotional, psychological and spiritual balance and well-being. When our Qi does not flow smoothly dis-ease (which is a lack of ease) can manifest in our body and mind.

Qigong is easy to learn, less strenuous than some yoga or Pilates, and is accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels.

The class will be divided in two parts:

1) LEARNING - In the first part we will learn simple yet powerful Qi Gong warm-up movements & exercises that combine three elements: abdominal breathing, slow postural movement, and visualization.

2) FREE-MOVEMENT/ DANCE / FUN- The second part will facilitate, through music and other suggestions, the individual exploration and application of what was learnt in the first part to free-body movements (Yes, you will also be able to Dance if you wish !!! ) as a way to enjoy ourselves, as well as improve our range of movements and creative body expressions.

The class emphasis will be on consciously detaching one´s self from the “critical and judgmental mind” of our movements, becoming an “observer” of our own body rather than a “doer”.


Francesco is a passionate and dedicated Shiatsu Massage Practitioner, Movement Instructor, Singing voice facilitator, Ceremonial space holder and a Carrier of the Sacred Fire. Having spent many years across Central/South America, Asia & Australia, Francesco's training, work and teaching ethos is deeply inspired by traditional and tribal healing traditions, energy healing methods and ancient Shamanic Ceremonies and practices.  Bringing together the latest quantum physic understanding of energy, multi-dimensionality and matter, with the latest research into the benefit and power of Touch therapy, Body Movement and Sound Vibration, Francesco's offering is based on 3 main focus areas:

1)HEALING HANDS - With many years training in the Traditional Healing Arts of Shiatsu bodywork and Thai Massage, Francesco supports his clients healing their body and releasing traumas through a deeply compassionate and present healing touch. 

2) HEALING MUSIC - Music as a life passion and gift, Francesco is a multi-instrumentalist therapist working with the voice, harmonic vibrations & subtle energies. He offers Sound Healing sessions, community/group harmonic singing workshops as well as meditative Sound Journey Ceremonies. Inspired by the work of  artist like Deva Premal, Jai Uttal & Krishna Das, Francesco holds Kirtans (i.e. Group mantra & sacred songs chanting events) together with his partner Katie, as part of "The Inner Cheile" ceremonial musical duo.  He composes his own Medicine music which he loves sharing in a wide variety of ceremonial settings. 

3)HEALING MOVEMENT-  Lover of dance as medicine, and as a qualified Shibashi Qi Gong Instructor at the Sao Bao Martial Art School in Glasgow Francesco teaches Qi-Gong and Free-Movement Therapy/Dance classes to promote health and energy flow in the body. 

All of Francesco's work aim to enable his client to stand in their full authenticity and to celebrate their divinity, and innate healing power as humans. He does so by sharing his gifts, and supporting people “getting out of the way” of their innate potential, allowing their essence to express its full beauty and awaken its innate healing instinct.