TUESDAYS 10:00 - 11:00



An embodied approach to exploring the delicate dance of Yin and Yang. In this practice, as reflected in our lives, some things remain constant, others remain in constant flux. The challenge, or the skill is in learning to remain balanced throughout constant change. The intention is to promote deeper levels of self-awareness and sensitivity towards our inner world using a breath-centEred approach to re-establish body-mind connection. This class combines an accessible Vinyasa flow with a variety of breathing techniques as well as Meditation / Mindfulness and Yoga Nidra practices.

Suitable for all experience and fitness levels. Wear comfortable clothes you can manoeuvre in. 

Mats available.


I aspire to act as a facilitator more than a teacher of Yoga. In that sense, my aim is to lead by following in a way that is responsive to your needs, creating a safe space for you to explore and discover a deeper sense of relationship with yourself.

When I began practicing, I felt that Yoga provided me with a new centre of gravity that was stronger than everything else I’d previously known. With that feeling, I developed a strong faith that even when times got tough I could always put my trust in my practice, in myself and I could learn to trust life again! It’s from that place I attempt to share practical methods to bring into your everyday life, to bring mental clarity, emotional stability and the capacity to cope with life’s inevitable challenges regardless of how flexible you are.

In my classes, I do my best to draw together tradition and modernity, to share accessible, practical and effective body-mind centering techniques in a way that combines lived experience in the modern world with an understanding of trauma / mental health informed Yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Dan teaches Move, Revive, Restore on Tuesdays from 10:00 - 11:00 with Beetroot Sauvage Wellness Centre (starting 15 October).

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